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A Garden Beautifies your home

Whether you’re an emerging or a passionate gardener, or somewhere in-between, Pro-Lawn offers solutions for from the smallest garden to the palace. A beautiful well-maintained garden not only adds value to your home, but also offers a retreat for your family. If you love entertaining, what better than to do so in your own little paradise.

Products on offer include petrol driven, electric, and cordless. If you don’t want to disturb the neighbours when mowing the lawn, clearing leaves, or cutting back hedges, you can start at any time with our Stihl cordless products. Models range from townhouse to professional units. Quick to charge the lithium-ion batteries, all you need to do is switch on and get started!

Pro-Lawn’s section of products range from the traditional cylinder type manual push mowers, to diesel driven zero-turn mowers, from spades to earth augers, from hobby to professional. If you have no garden, visit us for a brand-new vacuum cleaner or high-pressure cleaner.

Want the perfect lawn? Invest in an electric or petrol driven cylinder mower, which will give a beautiful scissor cut to your grass, as on golf courses. Live on a plot with rough veldgrass? Visit us for a three wheeled, a four wheeled heavy duty mower, a brushcutter, or a 750mm self-propelled rough mower.

We offer the top-quality brands of products, whether for a townhouse or a farm. Advice on the suitable products for your specific application, and demonstrations on lawn tractors or zero-turn mowers are standard. All products are assembled and a pre-delivery service performed prior to you purchasing it. A free delivery service, with basic operator training is included.

Pro-Lawn offers accessories to the products, factory approved consumables, replacement parts, as well as a large workshop with factory trained technicians for warranty, servicing or repairs to products.

Make gardening fun with the correct tools, and create your own little paradise. Invite friends and family over, and show off your masterpiece.

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