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Angelfriends Charity Initiative

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Pro-Lawn and its owner, Floris Bonafide, is a founding member of the Angelfriends Charity Initiative. Angelfriends NPO is the initiative of a group of friends who came together in 2008 wanting to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate in our broader community.

What started out as a small and noble thought has grown into a Non-Profit Organisation who contributes towards different charitable organisations on a monthly basis.

Angelfriends aims to establish a network between friends, families and business colleagues, through which the less fortunate can be reached – a network where friends, family and businesses can become involved, either through personal service delivery or financial support.

We have realized that people do want to be involved in community work or fundraising schemes, but don’t necessarily have the know how or channels to work through. Ideally through Angelfriends NPO, people will find different ways to become involved. Therefor by taking hands with other charity organizations, linking with individuals who are already operating in certain communities we hope to succeed in reaching communities by ‘networking’ with the right partners.

We want to invite you to use Angelfriends as your channel should you know of any special cases, either financial need, employment opportunities or needs, or goods you want to donate. Help us establish a network of Angelfriends in which we can assist and empower.

Typical events that are held in aid of Angelfriends and other Charitable Organisations are:

-Musical concerts

-Golf days

-Wine tasting events

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