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Regular maintenance of your mower

Most gardening equipment works under severe conditions. The machinery need frequent care, and it is important to regularly maintain these products, which will ultimately lead to a longer lifespan with less breakage and repair costs.

Clean lawnmower decks at least twice during mowing season. Cleaning will not only help lawnmower performance, but also minimize the spread of lawn diseases (remember, when you cut blades of grass, you are essentially opening up wounds that make the grass susceptible to disease).

To clean a petrol driven lawnmower, first empty the fuel tank and disconnect the spark plug wire. Electrical lawnmowers need to be disconnected from the main power. Stand the lawnmower up on its side. Take a garden hose and spray the lawnmower's deck (the housing for the cutting blade, on the underside of the mower) at full blast. This will loosen some of the dirt and caked-on grass clippings. Scrub off the rest using a brush, soap and hot water. Rinse, then dry.

To reduce future incidence of grass clippings sticking to the lawnmower's underside, lightly spray some vegetable oil after cleaning.

On electric driven lawnmowers you need to remove the motor cover, and clean all grass clippings that have compacted around the motor. A paint brush works well. It is very important to check the electric power cord for cuts.

Routine maintenance on petrol mowers can be a simple do-it-yourself project such as:

• Changing your oil

• Changing or cleaning spark plugs

• Changing or cleaning your air filter

Also, routine maintenance of your outdoor power equipment has several benefits:

• Improves engine performance

• Reduces fuel consumption by up to 30%

• Reduces emissions by up to 50%

Most failures on lawnmowers are caused by vibration due to worn blades. When sharpening the blade it is important to balance it. For the best cut it is suggested to rather replace the blades regularly.

If you don’t have the time, or when you have a breakdown, bring your equipment to PRO-LAWN for a seasonal service.

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